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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mi Nu Vue

I is still alive.


Blogger Guy In London said...

Chris, long break, what's going on?


Blogger Lula said...

troubled times everywhere, I see

Blogger Chris said...

GIL, not a lot, I just can't be a*sed to blog at the moment.
Thanksa for the concern tho :)


Blogger cuteCTguy said...

Hope all is well? Have you moved?

Blogger Donnie2020 said...

I point you to my response to your recent comment on my political blog.

I have no other way to contact you.

Blogger Donnie2020 said...

I've replied.

You really should have a contact link.

It would make it easier.

Blogger Donnie2020 said...

For someone who preaches about immaturity you're exhibiting a lot of the hallmarks too.

Once again on the question of my journalistic skills, I am not seeking to use any of them on my blog. I said that already.

I've made that clear.

Pure opinion. We all have one and we all have a right to express it.

Even if people like you don't like it.

I still struggle to find your grievance.

There is no internet police, so what crime have I commited?

Blogger Donnie2020 said...

I'm aware of Hawke's union accord.

The only reason he had any power in the situation was because he was a former ACTU president and they owed him a favour.

He called it in.

I do however recognise his contribution.

Blogger Lula said...


Whats up?!?!?!?

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