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Life in London for a not-quite-middle-aged gay Australian guy. Oh, the glamour of it all!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Too busy to blog, but

Stuie's birthday goes off with a bang.

But Gay Pride was a damp squib.

Paris Comes to London Business School (or was it Collins St, Melbourne?)

And London's gone smokefree!!! But as the Guardian points out (and we found out Friday night), aren't people a bit whiffy.....

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Blogger cuteCTguy said...

I noticed that too on Saturday night in Eclipse... lots of perfume and something worse.. bring back ciggies.

Blogger Chris said...

I'd rather not bring back ciggies, just compulsory application of deodorant and fresh clothes should do the trick.... And they reckon gay boys are well-groomed!

Blogger cuteCTguy said...

Its probably the unique aroma of Ketamine mixed with Steriods that had you gagging... dont you think Pumped up gym bunnies smell funny?


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